" He’s not just the hero of the Vandross! but the only man to challenge Byron Renas and this G.S. character. I hereby pronounce Muroka Vanderkien a Knight of the Second Order of Villeyres. Your fame proceeds you, sir, and now has earned you greatness and more."
- Commandant General Leanun Harius


Notoriety is divided into two parts: Fame and Infamy. Both are garnered based on actions that gather experience, and Notoriety scores will always be 1/2 of experience earned towards your character. Certain actions will be more aligned with either side, based on moral, societal and factional in-game reasoning.

FAME is gathered for doing upright and honorable things. Depending on which side you choose to war, FAME or INFAMY could be gathered by killing certain kinds of people. The more FAME a character achieves, the more dialogue, skill opportunities, and wealth they accumulate from those around them. FAMOUS characters are inspirational to those around them and can use FAME abilities (gathered every 5 levels) to affect their enemies or allies.

INFAMY is the direct opposite of FAME; this score is gathered for doing morally objectionable things, being deceitful or thefty, and for killing certain kinds of people. INFAMY scores are also determined based on factional belief. INFAMOUS people are more easily able to extort, control, and imprison those around them, often taking these other people’s wealth and items for themselves, whereas the FAMOUS characters have to be given such things. INFAMOUS characters are cast a wary eye and can use INFAMY abilities (gathered every 6 levels)to affect their enemies or allies.


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