Founded during the Vandross Campaigns, the Agent initiative has produced valuable and irreplaceable assets in the form of war-talented men and women. All Agents are hand-selected by Vanderkien to undergo near-murderous testing to prove their abilities and aptitude. Generally, 2 of 30 people are selected to fight each other for the final spot.

After passing the grueling tests to become a CIREN Agent, one must further prove themselves by undertaking the most brutal, difficult, and crucial missions around the territories. Agents killed in action are eliminated from all but the most secluded histories. They do not marry, nor have children…indeed, some suspect this desire is chemically removed from them.

CIREN Agents have a life expectancy somewhere in the 5-12 year range (after being inducted that is) Those that supersede this number become legends in their own rights. So far, only two members of the fledgling initiative have survived long enough to be considered lore-worthy. One being Vanderkien’s prodigy, Camuss Airau, and the other being the enigmatic number 101.

The Agents receive little to no instruction after being assigned, the assumption being that they have been conditioned and trained to handle situations with no input from either the military or diplomatic councils. Any war or peace groomed by an Agent is considered sacred and obligatory. Agents operate without laws, using a moral creed to govern their decisions and assassinations.

However, this Creed is selectively used, and is kept secret, upon pain of death.


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