Character Dossier

“You have trained yourself to be a human creature – an animal left by the divine, like shit left by a cow. You aren’t any more human than I, but rather are less, because I was born to a man and a woman…and you were born to a machine and its caretaker.”
- Camuss to Devon

All players will have certain base stats (see upcoming charts) that aid you during the course of the game. Each class has been specifically given certain strengths to represent the basis of that class. Each class is granted ONE specialization per two levels (chosen from the strengths of that class type) and may switch to another one, only during the time every two levels or at the DM’s discretion.

DCS = Determined by Character Sheet
A basic character sheet (starts with 2 basic points ( not applicable to strength )

Strength-Unlike most campaigns, strength can only be modified by weapons and skill trees
Ability- The character’s ability to learn (base is DCS: ability can be grown with skill trees or points)
Understanding- The character’s starting knowledge and wisdom
Skills- Character’s skill in the following (sum-3)
-Combat- Fighting Skill
-Non-Combat- Everyday Skill
-Universal- Skill used in any situation (Combat- Non-combat+ class bonus)

Melee Based on a x6 modifier of your two specialty stats, highest subtracting lowest.
Bio-Power Ability x8(- mod)x8

Special Weapons DCS (Melee-Adap-combat)
Throw- Skill in throwing items and weaponry
Range- Skill in using ranged special weapons
Bomb- Skill in either arming or disarming explosives
Gun- Skill in using guns

Specialization (see Focus Chart)

Adaption Skill in the following
-Scavenge- Finding food, foraging,tracing prey, etc…
-Survival- Field craft, plant knowledge, fire building, etc…
-Deception- Camouflage, hiding, climbing,etc…

Weapon determined by class selection (DCS)
Armor DCS
Vitality DCS
Ensnare DCS

Diplomacy DCS
Intimidate DCS
Communications DCS
Empathy DCS

Furthermore: Each character class is given 4 Specialization/Focus options from a shared pool of 8. These options serve to further the customization of your specific class, determine future skill trees, and build into other stats. You may pick 1 starting Focus and determine the amount of points dumped into it. These points cannot be recovered after being used, but will serve to level up that Focus for the character, allowing more weaponry, custom weaponry, biotic powers, Abilities, and certain Arts Skill Trees. The chart link below will show all the details of this system.

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Focus Chart

Character Dossier

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