Predator Survival Guide for the Death Seeker

To all who read this book, do not think this as a answer to all questions about the planet Karathis, if anything this book went outdated about fifty seconds after I wrote it… Now to those who still want to visit the planet here is a simple check list of what you need to know before touching down.

1: Are you ready to die?
Yes you need to know that almost all the people who land on our planet are doomed to death. If you don’t get poisoned or eaten by a plant most likely your ship has already been destroyed and you are running for your life… into a trap that is likely to kill you anyway. If you showed up with the arms to fight back the plants and keep your ship… your more likely going to die to a Katharin patrol, you are a trespasser likely a pirate trying to loot some of the dead that are on this forsaken rock. If these things have not killed you congratulations you made it to step two.
2: Make nice with the natives
They are going to be your lifeline in this hell, yes you are trespassing but if you can get them not to kill you for some reason you are more likely going to live longer then most. The Katharin are a hardy people that have lived well beyond the expected time line for any people, and have made the sanctuaries near impassible to anything meaning harm to those inside. This said it is a short lived thing. In time the pants will adapt and get into the sanctuaries… then the plants will rule this world.
3: Don’t do anything to or with plants.
They are all trying to kill you, poison, spores, venom, constriction. A few ways that they can kill you and likely some of the more enjoyed ways of being killed here…. if you wish to keep your mind and body in one peace, don’t mess with the plants.
4: Leave as soon as possible.
Once you have done what you needed here LEAVE, don’t settle, don’t make a research station, don’t do anything that keeps you on the planets surface any longer then needed. Don’t even stay in orbit… some of the plants can launch spores into space… and fates help us if they find new worlds…

a scrawl of odd letters form the signature and summery at the bottom of the page of the native Katharin language but next to the text seems to be a translation

“May you find shelter when the world itself it biting at your heels”


Predator Survival Guide for the Death Seeker

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