Other Realms

Taken from CIREN archives NJKK:C, clearance level 6.

Accessed by: Muroka Vanderkien, Agent 0, on Setriun 7th, 34056 EA

Other Realms:

Damn the gods of old, Damn those fucks called the Fayts. If we had known – IF I HAD KNOWN – about these other places, then there would’ve been a rush to migrate. Not this ‘keeping it conspiratorily quiet’ military shit. This is something that the people need to know; THEY MUST!

Other realms? other cultures? Other Sciences?!!! REALLY!!!! Why have we not jumped on this like my mother on her lovers? We are fools, hard and heavy fools too. The opportunity provided us by my research is beyond anything we thought could be, and yet we remain here -grounded – while vids of creatures called birds pace across our computer screens. Rovers only though, not people! Vanderkien could take men there, he could lead expeditionary forces into these new places, create alliances – and crush rebellions. I could follow, my son, my wife. We could build a new place, a home free of all concepts – the beginning of a world to reach other worlds. Yet the men in their uniforms crush progress like blades of grass. I have discussed this with my partner, Master Lumino, and we agree that the benefits outweigh – heavily – the risks there. Just one new technology could change it all for us. The world is dying, we have seen the records buried in Herfled – Lysander’s own script – that confirm the affect of the Auralite’s machines will only last for another 50 Eategra (years) at best. We’ve talked with their caretaker bodies too – quite a mission – and found that they knew of the events with a foresight we can’t match.

So why do we sit on our hands while the world’s stone is crystalizing into pallor? CIREN sees no need to save even itself? I can’t believe that Genrestwee, Mustabarafi, and Tiberius feel the same, nor can I now – or ever – be convinced that Commandant General McCaffrey is blind to the world’s condition. Yes, he is busy with the Vandross Campaign; but how could that small skirmish cause such blindness when the fate of the world is resting in stupor? Of my many fathers, I remember the one who hit me in the eye with a ball once; his words after so wise that they have been told to my own son: A man who can’t see is only limited by himself.

I will do something about this. Through Lumino and his daughter – brilliant little thing that she is – we can find a way to work outside CIREN’s purview. Gather our own materials with workers, create a company independent of their say. Something that can be made for the future and not hold on to the dying strains of the past.

After all, we still have the Polaris in ABER, for you CIREN dicks that read my correspondences: Good luck figuring out what that means.

The ship is mine, the secrets it holds are mine too…but don’t worry – soon the world will be changed by my efforts and your power will wane. The name of Rio Airau and Tarin Lumino will be the culture you have to face – my world will replace your stuffy old one.

Here’s a taste you bastards, because I know you’re reading this.
Sooner than you think, everyone in the world will have these and you won’t be able to monitor them without me.



Other Realms

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