Ragnus Exilius

Mind over matter.


Class – Lanou

STR – 2
ABL – 4
UND – 5

HP – 100/100
Bio Power – 304 (+6 modifier)
Melee – 6

Skills – 2 (+2)
-Combat 1
-Noncombat 5
-Universal 2

Special Weapons – 0/4
-Throw -3
-Range -2
-Explosives +1
-Gun +2

-Scavenge 1
-Survival 2
-Deception 2

-Bio Power Mod (X)
-Light Armor
-Light Weapon

Weapon 3
Armor 3
Vitality 3

Diplomacy 4
Intimidate 2
Communications 4

Stealth – 7
Assault – 4

Solarizing Tripod
4 vacuum tubes
Hydraulic wedge
30 moneys


Growing up in a fairly normal family, Ragnus was never completely satisfied with his lifestyle. He and his sister grew up fairly close, sharing in chores and both being groomed to take over the family store. During the Vandross War, Ragnus’s sister left to join the war. When the war was over, she returned, but decided to stay with CIREN instead of returning to life with her family. Ragnus was simultaneously upset and overjoyed, losing his sister to CIREN meant he wouldn’t have his lifelong sibling and friend with him, yet he would have more freedom when he took over the business.

The Rifts began, and the Truth came out. Upon reading Genesuu’s work, Ragnus decided he had found a calling. Joining the ranks of the Dark Man, Ragnus maintained his position in the family store and waited for the call. He knew he would be needed for something, and was ready to jump at his chance to impact history.

Ragnus Exilius

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