Darkman/ G.S.

Follow me to the way; The Way of the Truth.


A tall, pale man with flawless complexion, the Dark Man, is often seen sporting a barren white undershirt with an empty gun holster at his hip. He wears a red-trimmed black leather coat with gold piping on the bottom. His left hand is always covered by a glove while his right is free and scarred. The Dark Man’s hair is almost pristine white with hints of platinum blond thrown in and tid-bits of gray scattered about. He wears shoes that are similar to running shoes, except black in color, whilst his pants are generally a light grey or dark blue. The Dark Man’s eyes are considered by most to be brown – but sometimes they are maroon-red like the color of blood – or so some would say. He is jovial and adventurous, charming, but not suave, with a vast amount of intelligence and knowledge that belies his quasi-youthful appearance.


The Dark Man is the leader of the Rebellious forces called the ‘Way of the Truth’ based on his books of the same name. (a Trilogy; see The Truth Series ) He is their kind, all-too-human leader; and enjoys getting drunk and other debauchery much like his followers. The Dark Man has powers though, for those with eyes to see, and can be a most unpleasant person should you betray him. The mask of joviality is one he wears well, as is the mask of doom.

The Dark Man wrote The Truth Series supposedly as a young man, whilst he was journeying about the lands. However, there is no record of his birth or his schooling, not even records of his name or monetary worth. Nonetheless, the man seems to have a massive fortune behind him. Upon publishing the Truth books, he was hailed as the new messiah, with an answer for everything that was happening – answers that were just what the people wanted to hear. Eventually he aligned them in rebellion against the remnants of CIREN – still reeling from the effects of the rifts and the massive reduction of their standing forces – all but decimating the tired old-world guard.

Now he is on the hunt for Camuss Airau, though none save Byron Renas know why, and, if rumor proves to be true, working on an even greater masterwork than the Truth books.

Darkman/ G.S.

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