Kyle's Character


Nicknames: Kruk, Bob
Species: Katharan
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, Looks in early 30’s for race.
Physical Scars/Deformities: Scar over left face, multiple battle scars over chest and back however none vary deep and fur grown over most.

Class: Predator
Level: 4 Exp: 1760

Strength: 1 Melee: 12
Ability: 4 Bio-Power: 320
Understanding: 2 Special Weapon: 12
Skill: 3 Throw: 3
Combat: 4 Bow: 4
Non-Combat: 2 Bomb: 1
Universal: 3 Gun: -3

DIC Food: 50 units of normal 2 units of standard
Diplomacy: 1 HP: 140/115
Intimidation: 3 Assault: 5
Communication: 2 Stealth: 8

Scavenge: 5
Survival: 3
Deception: 1

Weapon: 3
Armor: 2
Vitality: 4


Born on the world of Karathis, bob is one of the few of the last living non plant life people left on the planet. His life was a never ending struggle between being alive and being eaten, poisoned, crushed or many other things that are also bad for one’s health. His father a hunter like himself, he was taught all the tricks of the trade at a early age however with knowledge comes responsibility as his father fell to a Uth’rack one day. At first bob was furious, wanting revenge on the beast that killed his father… but in time he learned of the threat it could pose his whole clan, as it slowly started to move, day by day, closer to the base camp. Bringing a scouting party bob then found the beast, 2 days travel outside his home. Knowing that there is no other way to stop it the group assaulted the beast, looking for any way to kill it. It is quickly learned however why this beast was known as the king of the planet, 4 of the hunters dropped dead in the first attack, 3 others heavily wounded and likely going to die of those wounds soon. The only one to make it out of the first attack was bob, but with the attack bob saw a opening. Drawing his bow he slowly aimed his shot… the beast slowly approaching him as he made absolutely sure not to miss. The beast go close to the point where it could strike bob and reached back to do so… only to have the arrow launch from the bow and pierce the only soft spot in it’s hide. The beast then quickly fell over dead… paralyzed by it’s own venom, and bob the only survivor to see it.


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