Vanderkien's War


Vanderkien was a soldier in the Vandross Campaigns – unknown at the time – who was given default command over a large force of over 500. During the conflict at base C-45, all of his men were captured and taken prisoner by the Vanderers. Vanderkien, being the commanding officer, was badly beaten, stabbed in the stomach and liver, and ultimately ‘executed’. However, he survived the torturous execution method used by the Vanderers, (strung up to a tree by a hook in the back) pushing the hook into his flesh by slamming himself against the tree – eventually dislodging enough meat for the hook to lose grip – and fell to the jungle floor. Vanderkien then relayed back to base, only to find out that [[Cmdt General Randall Macaffrey had just been murdered by the mutant Luther not even 24 hours before. Nonetheless, Vanderkien demanded aid to help get his soldiers back – only to be denied by the interim leader of the CIREN Vandross Forces, Commandant Byron Renas.


In what would become known as ’Vanderkien’s War’, the bleeding, battered, and near dead soldier, told Renas to “Suck on the shit from a whore’s nipple.” and went after his men. Thirteen days passed, and each day Vanderkien stealthily assaulted small and large bases, gleaning information about where his men were being held and tortured. On the thirteenth, he found the place. It is often said that Vanderkien’s near-death condition lent itself well to him on this attack, but the truth of such is nearly unknown, as the man himself will not mention what was used, or how, he surmounted the odds. What is known is that Vanderkien slaughtered all the soldiers in the prison base, using nothing more than his survival knife and stones. One person reports that Vanderkien used a Ferris monkey, that somehow didn’t hurt him, to kill a few guards too – but this is unsubstantiated. Vanderkien freed all his men and others too, marched them as far as he could, taking fire from all sides, until he finally collapsed two days outside the nearest CIREN base. The soldiers carried him, in intervals, back to the base. It was feared that the man would never recover, having forced his body so far without any food and little drink, while bleeding and dying on the inside. Most medical practitioners say it can’t have been thirteen days, and yet even the timelines of events have been culled and only proof exists. Vanderkien woke in time for the funeral of General Macaffrey, and was given honor by accepting the General’s medals. He was court-martialed for insubordination, but the jury, judge, and even the defense, ruled in his favor. Renas, miffed that this lowly soldier had become such a hero, set out to prove him unworthy of his rapid promotion to Second Commander of the CIREN Special Forces.


Vanderkien was given only the shittiest details throughout the war, Renas saw to that. Only the hardest, most suicidal missions were thrown his way. But, due to the honors he received from Macaffrey’s funeral (dictated by the Code of Knights) Renas was nearly powerless against the overwhelming adore that Vanderkien now held. Vanderkien (due to his honors) was allowed to pull from the ranks of any CIREN force, those who he saw fit to be in his command. This group became known as ’Vanderkien’s Vets’ and accounted for the vast majority of successful ‘suicide’ missions for the entire campaign. The crux came at the Battle of Grey Forge, where Vanderkien was captured and taken away. Despite the hard figthing that his forces did, they could not break the Vanderer’s line. Three days later, it was believed that Vanderkien’s life was forfeit; but then there was a bloodcurdling sound from behind the enemy lines, and a naked Vanderkien broke forth and began to slaughter the Vanderer Soldiers. His troops, too shocked to galvanize, watched as the naked man – armed only with a sword and manacles – decimated, from behind their own lines, the enemy forces. Vanderkien is famously reported to have walked over to his men, bloody chest heaving,and grinned ‘a demon’s smile’ while stating, “I believe that went well, don’t you?”; and thus the legend of the man was finalized for all to see.


Renas, a very petty man, saw this massive setback as Vanderkien’s own downfall. He realized now, especially since the new Cmdt General had been chosen, that the only way to destroy Vanderkien (and take his place as many scholars believe) was to give the man so much power that he would be corrupted by it. Renas, still the commanding officer in the field for a few more days, offered Vanderkien the entire Special Forces Command, but the man turned him down. Vanderkien wanted his own training, his own tactics – and he wanted new men, culled from the ranks of both civilians and soldiers alike, to undergo this. He wanted intelligent, bold, and learned people for this new force. Famously going behind Renas’s back, Vanderkien contacted the new Cmdt General, whom he knew as his former overwatch, and asked for the funds and commissioning of a new title for his planned elite force. A joke between them, “And what will you call these new agents of chaos?” led to the name and thus the AGENTS, were born. Vanderkien pulled many men and women from the ranks, often choosing those that the system had unfairly kept down, to work for the formation of this command. Vanderkien choose to train his AGENTS in the dark depths of the jungle, forgoing all but the most basic needs, their location was kept a tightly guarded rumor. A few months after their formation, he invited Renas to a display of the AGENTS’ abilities. Renas went, with the intention of making the man look bad.


On his way wit the caravan to see the AGENTS show their abilities, Renas was ambushed. Even though his soldiers fought hard and with precision, they all began to disappear, one-by-one. As his troops dwindled, Renas decided to return to the base. He fled with the remnants of his caravan, thinking that the Vanderers had found new allies besides the natives. Upon arrival at the base camp, he was summoned to a ‘performance review’ by the new Commandant General. Renas fixed himself up, put on his dress uniform and made his way to the command house. He opened the door to find the new Commandant General (34 at the time) and none other than Vanderkien waiting for him. It is famously said that Renas knew what had happened at that moment, nonetheless, he began to report on the natives new tactics. Vanderkien looked from Harius to Renas and then grinned that ‘demon grin’, turning to Byron Renas, he motioned for the doors to open. As they did, Renas saw all his men sitting and laughing whilst eating, all the ones he had lost at the caravan. Vanderkien turned to the Commandant and spoke in his deliberate way.
“Did you enjoy my demonstration?”


Vanderkien was appointed the leader of the Special Forces Second Detachment and was commissioned to train them in his own way. This Force went on to form the vast majority of the CIREN AGENTS, until Vanderkien came up with the Integrated Forces Amendment which allowed for the formation of different groups within the AGENTS. The entire force became known as ’Vanderkien’s Vets’ and he even hand selected from inside them to form the elite CIREN AGENT Corps, of which group such illustrious people as; Sydney Bargath, ‘Sniper’ Billy Madsen, Caroline Hunders, Camuss Airau, Leon Huks, Leon Illosu, and Kara Cayce (Elder sister of Jack Cayce) became members. The AGENTS were used for every special assassination and assault that came. They became the Elitest of the Elite, proving Vanderkien’s tactics far superior to even those of Lysander the Falcon. It was at the culmination of the war, a short year later, that Vanderkien was summoned to the capital amidst fanfare and laud. He arrived to Harius on a podium, holding the Faith of Herman,and the entire CIREN military at attention. He ascended the podium. All the people of the country know what was said that day by the General.

“Such a man as this, I’ve never read. He is war incarnate.”

After a short speech (as befitting the General’s personal beliefs), he asked Vanderkien to step forward. Harius told Vanderkien that there was no honor, no rank that he could award him, and so offered him the job of Byron Renas who had become the Secretariat to CIREN, after the cessation of the war. Vanderkien then famously asked if he could make a new rank. Harius consented after some thought and Vanderkien became known as the ‘Sarenestri’ or the greatest soldier ever.

For more on the extraordinary character of Muroka Lills Vanderkien, see The Rebirth of Legend: The Untold Story of Vanderkien’s Vets. by Klinus Ferrad

Vanderkien's War

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