Herman des Villeyres

“ And when the darkness was swept – like strings of black gold away from eyes – He saw all his friends; strewn out like blooded rags, ‘neath the clarity of the skies. And when the investigation of massacre came forward to him; for truth, he sought to stand – yet the weakness in his knees –became final and overwhelmed. There lay Patroloclus, and Uhric, and Stander by the stream…there lay his son Ulric and Lysander and Lancelot by the green…there lay the Others, blue skin crisp with dawn light; amongst them he strode – emotion across his face – once the great king; now a monarch old. He strode up the mound and battled his rattling cries, tears swept round the corner; teeming at each eye. It had been Lysander who said – from the mouth now split in twain – that no country should warrant death – but necessarily, only warrant pain.”

-Titicula Bak’d Destren: The Song of A King

The great warrior-king, who expanded the territory of the Human Imperial to the far reaches of the continent. The founder of the First Order and the father of Grand Duke Ulric II. He led the campaigns against the The Old Ones in the first Unilateral War and was responsible for the formation of the SEREN corps, a knightly order with the mandate to control the populace’s information. He made a deal with the great leader of the Peacemakers to give them a home, in exchange for their aid in the wars. In the twentieth year of the campaigns, Herman crushed the Old Ones’ armies at the Battle of Lakeview Cliff, by pouring his flanks across the large mountains on either side and baiting his enemies forward,(now thought to be the Herfled Ruins) and achieved final victory over all mainland dissenters. Herman’s most strategic accomplishment is only overshadowed by one that instilled fear in his enemies, He ordered his troops’ armor to be cast as white steel, the color of milk, so that the blood of their enemies wouldn’t show on it, but only the blood of the humans. This frightened the Old Ones because they couldn’t see how many of their kin – or how long – the knights had been fighting. By the end of the campaigns, Herman ruled the entire continent from his seat in the capital, built upon the wreckage of what had been an Old Ones’ citadel.
His empire held correspondence with the Human Imperial until his death due to disease.

Herman lived to be 71 years of age, and died of complications due to a withering disease. His tomb was built on the shores of an unnamed lake, for which scholars still search today. his son, Ulric II, became Grand Duke of the capital and pushed out the Human Imperial when they tried to invade and seize the lands.

Herman des Villeyres

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