Muroka Vanderkien

"Such a man as this, I've never read. He is war incarnate." - General Harius


The greatest soldier to have ever lived, as stated by Cmdt General Leanun Harius

Vanderkien rose to power and fortune during the bloody 10 years of the Vandross Campaign. During the war’s beginning, he was of little note, trained by Leanun Harius to be a scout. However, as the conflict mounted more and more deaths, even people like scouts began to see command. Vanderkien was given charge of the Third Regiment of Villeyres with just over 500 men and led them into battle with a certain fierceness that was attributed to his youth. Vanderkien was adept at many forms of combat, and secretly, had been perfecting his own. He used this to great effect against the Vanderers and quietly trained his men in the art as well.

Vanderkien became known as the leader of ‘Vanderkiens Vets’ after the event known as Vanderkien’s War where he freed his men from the prison of Altfell, in the Eastern Region of the Vandross. He was given the means to create his own special forces elite unit, which became the AGENTS and was titled, by his own request, as the ‘Sarenestri’ or the origin and the ending…(see Sare and Astrin)


Muroka Vanderkien is an intense subject, with eyes that shoot through you like the gun he rarely wields. This is a great opportunity to evaluate the man, a great way to possibly learn more of the Vandross and his part in it. Mr. Vanderkien is strong and forthright – he holds nothing back – and it is this reviewers belief that he sees lying as a weakness. Mr. Vanderkien has demonstrated adept field abilities, his fighting style is unparalleled,and his psychological examination reveals a deep thinking warrior like the great Lysander himself. This reviewer believes that Muroka Tills Vanderkien should be the next man in line for Harius’s chair should anything untoward happen. It is my strong belief that this man wields power like a tool, not a weapon, and is only interested in the greater good.

Sidenote: Connection to Camuss Airau, AGENT #111

Mr. Airau was among the people that Vanderkien rescued from the prison at Altfell, and it is said that he fought with Vanderkien in the newly formed CIREN AGENTS, but there is no evidence to this. Mr. Airau did join ’Vanderkien’s Vets’ after being hand-selected, and it is said that he has undergone extensive combat training schooled by Vanderkien himself. It is believed by this reviewer that the two shared more than just training, even possibly towards the idea of brothers. Regardless, (and it is not my mission to speculate) Misters Vanderkien and Airau have been side by side in many battles, and, when asked about the respective other, each had nothing negative to say, only the best. Mr. Vanderkien did mention that Mr. Airau was the “scariest thing I’ve ever fought,” which practically perplexes this reviewer’s mind.


Muroka Vanderkien

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