Camuss Airau

An ex-CIREN agent with strong connections to the Vandross Campaigns


One of the most infamous men in the world. Sought after by CIREN for their ‘decomissioning’ programs, Camuss went into hiding, taking work only as a mercenary. When the rifts began to form, he joined forces with the Union and Muroka Vanderkien to stave of the attacks. A man of questionable allegiance, he nonetheless fought alongside the remnants of CIREN up until the Darkman bombed their command center. Camuss has since begun to wander the flaming remnants of Terra 7 in the search for a lost artifact that could potentially abeit their losses.


A cold and calculating man raised to para-military status during the Vandross Campaigns.
Mr. Airau displays the qualities necessary for good soldiering, but a disrespect for the hierarchy and those ‘unworthy’ of holding power (by his personal rigorous standards on which this reviewer has no comment) holds him back. He is vicious and prone to violent outbursts which are hallmarked by the brutality of his killing strategies. Mr. Airau has a peculiarly unnerving way of handling people, a way often seen in those with behavioral defects. The subject demonstrates an undeniable disregard towards living things, excellent combat abilities, and pre-meditative bio abilities. Subject 111 is highly recommended for extensive augmentation. AGENT status is hereby recommended, verging on demanded.


Camuss Airau

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