Terra 7

Ciren story

  • Skye and agent 117 were sent on a mission to destroy a rebel camp. With them were two other agents,
    Needles and Trigger (Skye’s nicknames for them).
  • Trigger went back to get some backup, and Needles detonated a bomb for us.
  • found Needle’s father in cave system after fighting a huge creature. he is creepy, and might be a little insane.
  • Found the lost second city? and map of Terra 7 with weird symbols painted on it.
  • found a computer in the tomb and anazi
  • semnen-theh: name of the computer, about 8500 years old.
  • A.V. =
  • the truth follows the people into darkness
  • two people in a prophecy, dark man being one?


camuss111 joshuasmcclure87

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