Step foot on Terra 7;

Where a world rife with mythos, lore, legend, and terror folds underneath the pressure of mysterious and deadly rifts. The masses are infected and left homeless by creatures from other planes; shambling about the world, hollow-eyed and suicidal. Civil War brews just beneath the surface of society, while a single book, “The Truth”, written by the enigmatic Dark Man, GS, surfaces and changes the world entirely. The old government rails against the upheaval, attempting to maintain its power – but the damage has been done. CIREN and the Followers of the Truth are at each others throats, while small groups hole up across the map hoping to weather the apocalypse. The Remnant forces, once led by Muroka Vanderkien, are now without leaders, for the most wanted man in the world, Camuss Airau, has fled into the snowy wastes – and Vanderkien followed. The planet sees snow for the first time in almost 7,000 years, leaving the unprepared inhabitants at odds with the weather, rift monsters, and the indoctrination of the Truth; making survival the only goal – for as long as the planet burns.